Adient Aerospace uses OpenDXM GlobalX from the cloud

Darmstadt, July 2021 – Cloud-based applications can be used "as-is" without high initial investments, which makes them particularly interesting for start-ups or newly founded companies like Adient Aerospace. The manufacturer of aircraft seats, a joint venture between car seat manufacturer Adient and aircraft manufacturer The Boeing Company, recently began using PROSTEP's leading data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model from the cloud.

Adient is a leading global manufacturer of car seats. In 2018, the company brought its aircraft seating business into a joint venture with The Boeing Company. Following a transition period, this resulted in the need to carve out the PLM infrastructure and roll out a separate data exchange solution for the joint venture. After a market analysis, the decision was made in favor of OpenDXM GlobalX from PROSTEP because the solution meets the requirements regarding secure and traceable data exchange with partner companies.

The company opted for the cloud-based SaaS model to ensure that they would be able to use the data exchange platform quickly and without any procurement costs or installation effort. The software is installed in PROSTEP AG's partner computer center. After appropriate authorization, users access it using encrypted data lines and an intuitive web portal. This meant that very little training was required. The time and effort required for installation and commissioning was also kept within reasonable limits. The solution was operational just one day after the order was received. Adient extracted the contact data for partners in the aerospace industry from the legacy system in the automotive division so that it could be automatically transferred to OpenDXM GlobalX.

The engineers at Adient Aerospace are currently using OpenDXM GlobalX as a portal solution, i.e. they extract the data to be exchanged from their PTC Windchill PLM system and send it manually using OpenDXM GlobalX. The company is thinking about implementing an OpenDXM GlobalX Windchill integration with the aim of automating and accelerating data exchange processes. PROSTEP's data exchange platform can be integrated very easily in the processes and applications of the respective company.

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