PROSTEP participates in funding project on autonomous driving

Darmstadt, December 2019 – Autonomous driving is of strategic importance for digital transformation of the automotive industry. PROSTEP AG is therefore actively participating in key funding projects for the validation and verification of autonomous driving functions such as V&V and SET Level 4to5, which were recently approved by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). As the leading, vendor-independent PLM consulting and software company, PROSTEP will provide its partners from industry and the research community with support for the testing and industrialization of project results and will also be developing the demonstrator for a traceability solution.

Autonomous vehicles must be able to master all critical driving situations in order to obtain approval. Testing their behavior on the road alone would be far too risky and time-consuming. Therefore, the driving functions must be validated digitally. That is why major carmakers and automotive suppliers such as Audi, BMW, Continental, Ford, MAN, Opel, Robert Bosch, VW and ZF Friedrichshafen are developing uniform methods and tool chains for the digital validation of highly automated (Level 4) and autonomous (Level 5) vehicles in urban environments together with leading German research institutes and software companies within the framework of the funding projects V&V and SET Level4to5.

PROSTEP will be playing a key role in both projects, which have a total volume of 77 million euros. As an intermediary between the research community and industry, the company will assume the task of ensuring the industrial applicability of the project results and promoting their industrial implementation. Specifically, the company will provide the project partners with support for industrial testing, requirements definition and feedback of the test results into the respective subprojects. The project team headed up by Dr. Steven Vettermann will also contribute its comprehensive process and integration know-how to the design of the data models and simulation environments.

In addition, PROSTEP will be developing the demonstrator for a traceability solution on the basis of its open, standards-based software tools within the framework of the project. Among other things, the demonstrator will make it possible to verify when which simulation models led to which results and decisions, using which software and hardware configuration, and subject to which constraints and requirements. The reason behind the demonstrator is the fact that there is currently no neutral system available on the market for this "baselining" of simulations in a heterogeneous IT landscape. Once the project has been completed, PROSTEP will develop the demonstrator into a commercial product and market it under the name OpenCLM. The knowledge gained in the projects will also be incorporated in consulting projects with customers.

"We see autonomous driving as a key future technology and a promising market for our wide range of consulting and solution offerings, and one that we will be expanding into a strategic business segment", says Dr. Bernd Pätzold, CEO of PROSPTEP AG. "In recent months, we have rigorously expanded our know-how in the areas model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and electrical/electronic (E/E) and software development to ensure that we are able to tackle the new topics in a professional manner, among other things by acquiring a majority shareholding in the consulting firm Bartscher & Hasenäcker Consulting, which specializes in PLM for E/E."

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