PROSTEP makes its OpenPDM architecture fit for the cloud

Darmstadt, September 2019 – PROSTEP, a PLM consulting and software company, offers companies wanting to move all or part of their PLM and ERP systems to the cloud and integrate them with each other a cloud-capable solution. Thanks to its modular architecture and the use of microservices, Version 9 and higher of the world’s leading OpenPDM solution can be used in hybrid cloud scenarios.

OpenPDM is made up of the actual integration framework, which controls the automated mapping of the data and data structures, and a variety of standard connectors for integrating PDM/PLM systems and other enterprise applications. The new architecture makes it possible to use the connectors independently of the integration framework and integrate them directly in the cloud infrastructure for the respective application. All OpenPDM components act independently of one another and communicate with each other or with other systems on the basis of microservices via REST APIs.

In addition to the connectors, OpenPDM 9 also includes a new workflow engine and a mapping engine. The new architecture provides the best possible support for hybrid scenarios with PLM in one cloud and ERP in another or, for example, PLM on-premise and ERP in the cloud. The deployment of the components has also been updated and expanded to include technologies such as Docker and OpenShift.

The conversion to microservices required a modification of the connectors. The proven core functionality with the business logic was improved and a state-of-the-art technological substructure was added. New microservices-based integrations for PTC Windchill, the 3DExperience platform from Dassault Systèmes, Siemens Teamcenter and SAP are currently being implemented for OpenPDM version 9.0 and 9.1; others will follow as required. The new connector architecture offers customers greater functionality and flexibility by allowing them to use it on its own or in conjunction with mapping and workflow engines already in use at the customer's premises.

First and foremost, OpenPDM 9.0 allows PROSTEP to address the requirements of new customers who are already using PLM and/or ERP systems from the cloud and want to integrate them in their existing IT infrastructure. Existing customers who have built complex integration, migration or collaboration scenarios based on OpenPDM 8.x do not necessarily have to migrate their existing installation to the new architecture. "We will also continue to develop the OpenPDM software currently being used by our customers, and next year we will be launching a new Version 8.7 with functional extensions and connectors to the current versions of all integrated PDM/PLM and ERP systems," promised Mirko Theiss, OpenPDM product manager at PROSTEP.

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