PROSTEP shows progress in NAPA Steel integration

Darmstadt, May 2019 - At this year's NAPA User Meeting, the shipbuilding experts from PLM consulting and software house PROSTEP will explain the latest achievements with the seamless integration of the early steel design system NAPA Steel into the subsequent processes of basic and detail steel design as well as coordination.

The interface based on the OpenPDM integration platform is already in productive use at MEYER Turku for the transfer of large cruise ships. In their presentation, the PROSTEP experts will discuss the current developments of the NAPA Steel interface into AVEVA Marine Hull as well as to mechanical CAD systems such as CATIA and NX. The NAPA User Meeting takes place from June 4 to 6, 2019 in Helsinki and is the gathering point for more than 100 NAPA customers from all over Europe and North America.

NAPA is a leading manufacturer of special CAx applications for the shipbuilding and maritime industries. The NAPA Steel software is used primarily in the early development phase to design the steel structures of the ship's hull. The interface developed by PROSTEP makes it possible to transfer the shipbuilding steel structure from NAPA Steel feature-based to subsequent systems. So far, the focus here has been on AVEVA Marine Hull. The model generated there has the same quality as a manually created model and can be used seamlessly for refinement in basic and detail design. The current version is already being used productively by customers and enables the loss-free transfer of complex design features including brackets, curved steel components or weld preparation.

PROSTEP is further developing the interface in close cooperation with software manufacturer NAPA Oy. In the next expansion stage, it will also support the transfer of structural information from NAPA Steel to mechanical CAD systems. This option is particularly interesting for shipyards using such CAD systems for detailed coordination in machinery and outfitting design. Here the structure of the ship's hull is not changed but must be available as a reference geometry and for visualization and measurement. The extension of the interface improves the quality in the transfer of the NAPA Steel structures, which could previously only be transferred as a relatively inaccurate geometry model without material thicknesses, profile cross-sections and other attributes.

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