Swiss FTS uses OpenDXM GlobalX for secure data exchange

Darmstadt, November 2022 – As one of the leading specialists in the fields of digital forensics and eDiscovery, Swiss FTS places particularly high demands on the protection of confidential customer data that the company receives for digital forensics investigations. To make data exchange with customers as secure as possible, the renowned Swiss company uses PROSTEP's proven OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform. The solution has already proven its worth in more than 20 projects.

Swiss FTS AG helps companies and law firms investigate suspected data theft or other fraudulent activity by securing and analyzing electronic data and tracking down evidence in IT systems. The company also prepares clients for digital forensic investigations and electronic discovery in the context of eDiscovery processes. eDiscovery is a legal process that involves identifying and preserving e-mails, business communications and other data and making it available to the opposing party in the event of legal disputes.

In addition to law firms, Swiss FTS AG's customers comprise primarily banks and insurance companies but also companies from other industries that need help investigating activity seen as suspicious. The digital forensics specialist often receives vast amounts of confidential data and documents for evaluation from them and in eDiscovery processes has to send increasingly large volumes of data to law firms in the USA or elsewhere in a secure manner.

Because the existing data transfer solution was not being developed further, the company decided to replace it with OpenDXM GlobalX. PROSTEP's secure data exchange platform impressed users and administrators at Swiss FTS with its ease of use and cost-effective licensing model.

PROSTEP implemented the solution in close collaboration with the infrastructure team at Swiss FTS. Immediately after upload, incoming data is automatically transferred to a directory in the internal network and then deleted from the server. The PROSTEP experts have set up the corresponding automation mechanisms. “In addition to its reporting functions, OpenDXM GlobalX’s high level of configurability is one of its great strengths”, says Roy Weiss, head of the Zurich branch of Swiss FTS.

The new data exchange platform has already proven its worth in more than 20 projects and has been very well received by Swiss FTS customers. "With OpenDXM GlobalX, we make it possible for them to send us large amounts of data, comprising 200 or 300 gigabytes, easily and quickly,” says Weiss. "We have a robust solution that is subject to ongoing further development and one that we can be sure will still be working well in five years’ time.”


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