PDM system rollout and migration

The rollout or migration of a PDM system is always a challenge. What is needed is experienced, competent and active support to ensure that system rollout or migration is performed quickly and that all the relevant aspects are taken into account.

PROSTEP is the ideal vendor-neutral consultant to help you select an appropriate PDM system, and we pay careful attention to your industry- and company-specific processes. With our reliable migration concepts, which are based on well-engineered integration products, we can also help you migrate existing PDM data to the new system smoothly and correctly.

We implement data migration according to your wishes – regardless of whether you want to migrate all the data at once (Big Bang) or perform migration step by step, allowing you to use the old system and the new system in parallel for a certain amount of time.


  • You get the PDM system that is best suited to your specific processes and which also gives takes complex requirements into consideration.
  • Target-oriented decision-making in line with your requirements.
  • Fast system rollout or system migration, taking all relevant aspects into consideration.


  • Neutral and vendor-independent consulting.
  • Tried-and-tested procedural model for project implementation.
  • We assume responsibility for market analysis, contribute selection criteria and standard scenarios as well as the experience needed to evaluate the offers from system vendors according to your criteria.
  • Years of experience designing, deploying and migrating PDM systems. All leading PDM systems are installed at our premises, and we have experts for every one of the systems.

Products used for PLD system integration

We rely on OpenPDM – the world's leading product for PLM system integration – for PDM data migration. We also use project-specific solutions for processing CAD data.

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