PLM Projects

We are also there for you after we have provided you with in-depth PLM consulting services, or after you have made a decision in favor of one of our products. We implement the recommendations and your requirements in a project in a professional manner to ensure that your expectations regarding the benefits and advantages of the new solution can be met.

At PROSTEP, you are provided with all the services required to realign or optimize your system landscapes and processes from a single source.

We provide you with support for PLM projects in the following areas:

PLM architectures / implementation processes

Our implementation expertise comes into full play when selecting the PLM system that is ideal for your company. We understand the ins and outs of implementation technology and have overseen numerous implementation products all the way through to productive operation.

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PLM system integration

The implementation of a planned PLM system integration project is best performed with practical know-how, a great deal of experience and in a project team that is accustomed to thinking outside the box. In other words, it is best performed with us.

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PLM data migration

Once a new PLM system has been rolled out, the data will also need to be migrated – all at once (Big Bang) or step by step (parallel operation of two systems). We are specialists in both methods.

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PLM data exchange

Once the new PLM system has been rolled out and data migration has successfully been completed, it is time to tackle day-to-day data exchange. Regardless of whether you are exchanging data within your company or across corporate borders, we develop solutions that have been optimized for you – so that you can export information directly from your PLM system and send it securely.

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Intelligent processes with PDF

Adobe® PDF can do much more than you perhaps think: for example, provide a fully automated document workflow that incorporates your PLM data, protects your intellectual property and opens up new areas of application.

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