Systems Engineering

The objective of systems engineering is to optimize interdisciplinary collaboration in order to meet the requirements of different user groups with regard to the functional scope and performance of a product as best possible.

With PROSTEP systems engineering, you can overcome the boundaries of disciplines, processes and systems to achieve up-to-date, integrated development of complex products.

We provide you with the following systems engineering support:

ALM / PDM System Deployment

Systems engineering increases the demands made on the ALM and PDM systems used. Careful consideration should therefore be given to selecting an appropriate system.

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Requirements Management

We provide you with support for the successful introduction or optimization of state-of-the-art requirements management in the form of careful planning and a methodologically robust approach.

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Complexity and Variant Management

The range and complexity of product variants is constantly increasing. Future-proof complexity and variant management ensures that you to remain successful.

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Partner and Customer Integration

Integrate your cooperation partners in your processes and systems – flexibly and systematically.

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System Design

Now more than ever before, the development of complex products requires that the boundaries of the individual disciplines, processes and systems be overcome. With our system design methodology and our expertise in the customer-specific application and introduction of SysML (System Modeling Language), we achieve success faster.

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Enterprise Architecture

Ensuring that business processes are supported by a carefully matched IT infrastructure makes a crucial contribution to the profitability and flexibility of the company.

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Application of Standards

Applied in an optimal fashion, standards offer great potential for streamlining your processes and systems and increasing their efficiency.

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