Code of PLM Openness

PROSTEP commits to the
“Code of PLM Openness”

PROSTEP AG is committed to implementing the requirements formulated in the Code of PLM Openness (CPO) in its product development and to support future development of the code.

CPO Criteria

The CPO defines criteria for the openness of IT solutions used in product lifecycle management (PLM). The objective is to ensure that once data is created within a company it can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The criteria for PLM solutions include interoperability for efficient communication, integrability (for the infrastructure) and functional extensibility. Furthermore, interfaces and standards are defined for the data formats and transparency in the architecture stipulated.

Motivation and Community

Until now there has been no legislation, standards or guidelines in this area. Therefore PROSTEP submitted a proposal regarding the voluntary commitment of the PLM/IT industry to the ProSTEP iViP Association at the beginning of 2010 together with BMW.

The CPO community includes IT vendors, IT integrators and IT customers. PROSTEP actively supports the further development of the PLM openness concept, both with regard to content and strategy.

PROSTEP AG´s CPO Statements

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