OpenPDM CONNECT is the easiest way to connect two PLM systems with each other. Thanks to preconfigured standard functions for automatically synchronizing product data, the solution can be used practically from the get-go.

OpenPDM CONNECT's standard functions not only allow individual parts, BOMs and documents to be exchanged between the connected PLM systems but also complex product structures without any need for customizing. The versions and status of the metadata are automatically synchronized and logged.

The system administrator can use a browser-based user interface to monitor the background processes and if necessary easily control the process flows. If the preconfigured process flows and methods are not sufficient to deal with the application scenario in question, the solution's extensible business logic allows them to be adapted to meet a customer's specific requirements.

OpenPDM CONNECT currently allows the following systems to be connected:

SAP/Teamcenter, SAP/ENOVIA V6, SAP/VPM V4, SAP/Windchill, PROSTEP V6 xPDM/Windchill Adapter, PROSTEP V6 xPDM Teamcenter Adapter, PROSTEP V6 xPDM SAP Adapter and PROSTEP V6 xPDM SimManager Adapter

If this list does not include the system pair you are looking for, please contact PROSTEP. OpenPDM CONNECT is continually being expanded to include new standard couplings.

The solution offers you the following features and benefits:

Integration of your business processes

When organizing your business processes, there are no longer any boundaries between the ERP and PLM worlds. OpenPDM CONNECT ensures seamless integration, e.g. of change processes that are to be started in one system and continued in the other system.

Integrity of the data and reliability

The stability and reliability of the solution and the automated processes ensure a reliable flow of information and smooth operation twenty-four hours a day.

Consistent data in different disciplines

OpenPDM CONNECT avoids time-consuming and error-prone data maintenance and ensures that consistent data is available to your various enterprise disciplines.

Update capability thanks to official interfaces

The use of official interfaces to the connected systems and the fact that no system adaptations are required guarantee extremely good update capability.

Flexibility and investment protection

The solution's scalability and adaptability offer companies a high level of flexibility. At the same time, the ongoing maintenance and continued development of the software provides maximum protection of your investment.

Low implementation and operational overhead

OpenPDM CONNECT can, in most cases, be implemented in the existing IT infrastructure without any need for additional investments. The automated processes also ensure that operating costs are kept to a minimum.

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