OpenPDM INTEGRATE enables you to connect any number of PLM systems from different disciplines, departments and locations with each other and with other applications. This ensures that your data is always consistent and up to date.

OpenPDM INTEGRATE is intended for companies that work with multiple PLM systems at different locations or in different departments or which want to connect a PLM backbone to discipline-specific TDM (team data management) systems. The solution can be used to link or transfer all PLM-relevant information.

The solution allows data, versions and structures from different data sources to be synchronized, either in a synchronous or asynchronous process. A higher-level workflow can be set up to control the processes.

The process flows can easily be adapted to the customer's specific requirements and monitored using a browser-based user interface. The integration framework offers configurable interfaces to a large number of PLM, ERP and simulation data management systems and for importing and exporting CAD structures as well as PLM data in formats like ASCII, STEP and XML. We can of course also integrate your systems and legacy systems in your business processes using existing web services.

The solution offers you the following features and benefits:

End-to-end PLM processes

OpenPDM INTEGRATE allows your CAD and PLM data to flow and ensures end-to-end business processes across system boundaries. You can, for example, make up-to-date data from different enterprise disciplines available to the various specialist departments in the respective system being used.

Limitless scalability

Its limitless scalability makes OpenPDM INTEGRATE the ideal integration platform for companies of any size and type. Thanks to its excellent configuration capabilities, it can easily be adapted to company-specific business process in a flexible manner.

Traceable processes

Centralized control via an intuitive cockpit makes it easier to control and monitor the processes and allows them to be traced at all times. Reports, which can be output at the press of a button, support logging of the process flows.

Low administrative overhead

The stability and reliability of the software ensures problem-free operation of the applications and reduces the time and effort required for system administration. In addition, the use of official interfaces to the connected systems guarantees excellent update capability.

Fast ROI (Return on Investment)

Unlike project-specific solutions, out-of-the-box business logic is already available. This ensures a very short implementation phase and productive use of the solution.

Maximum investment protection

The neutral data model makes it easy to expand the system and ensures that it continues to function properly even after updates. At the same time, the ongoing maintenance and continued development of the software provides maximum protection of your investment.

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