Terms and conditions for training seminars


Invoices for PROSTEP AG training seminars must be paid immediately upon receipt. The applicable value-added tax will be included on the invoice.

We reserve the right to cancel seminars for organizational reasons. Should a seminar be canceled, PROSTEP will immediately refund any fees already paid. No other compensation or cancellation claims can be made.

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If the registration of one or more participants is cancelled, PROSTEP AG must be informed in writing. The cancellation notice must include the number and names of the participants involved. The following handling fee will be charged:

  • up to 4 weeks before the beginning of the seminar: no handling fee
  • up to 10 days before the beginning of the seminar: 50% of the seminar fee
  • less than 10 days before the beginning of the seminar: 100% of the seminar fee

In case of non-appearance, the full seminar fee will be charged. In this case, the training material will be sent to the contracting party by post.

Substitutions may be made at no extra charge. If a person different to the person registered appears for a seminar and PROSTEP AG has not received a cancellation notice, PROSTEP AG will allow this person to attend the seminar without making further queries.

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We reserve the right to rework the content of seminars and to change the schedule and venue of the seminars. Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for any additional costs incurred (e.g. travel costs, hotel costs or work missed).

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No part of the training material may be reproduced in any way without the prior written permission of PROSTEP AG – not even for training purposes – or processed, duplicated or circulated by means of electronic systems, be made public or be provided to third parties.

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Rights of use and copyright protection

Rights of use relating to PROSTEP AG and third-party software products are included in the seminar fee to the extent required for the seminar and for the duration of the seminar. If copyrighted software is used in the seminars held by PROSTEP AG, this software may not be copied or removed from the room in which the seminar is being held.

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Exemption from liability

Liability for any damages caused by PROSTEP AG trainers is excluded. This limitation of liability does not apply in cases of premeditation or gross negligence.

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Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Darmstadt.

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