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OpenCLM - Configuration Lifecycle Management Solution for Developing and Operating Smart Products

This white paper illustrates the need for such a CLM solution, introduces basic terms and concepts, analyzes major challenges relating to implementation and, finally, puts forward an approach of its own.


The Digital Twin as a Springboard to Digitalization

This white paper outlines the organizational and technical foundation of a sustainable digital twin concept, which the consultancies

3DSE and PROSTEP prepared together with Airbus Defence & Space.


PROSTEP as a partner for agile PLM development

This white paper describes how PROSTEP supports you in the use of agile methods in the PLM environment.


Potentials and Challenges for the Digital Twin in the Shipbuilding Industry

Results of an industry-oriented PROSTEP survey.


Agile Nearshoring and Offshoring

This white paper explains the challenges that arise in nearshoring and offshoring, particularly in agile software development projects, and how they can be solved.


Digitalization makes PLM a top priority

This white paper shows how PROSTEP can help you define your PLM strategy and restructuring your existing PLM landscapes.


Capability-based Consulting for Sustainable PLM Architecture

This white paper presents the basics of the consulting approach for PROSTEP's capability-based PLM strategy consulting.


OpenDXM GlobalX from the cloud: Secure data exchange with no installation effort

This white paper presents our proven data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX as a highly secure cloud service and its unique security infrastructure.


Collaboration Scenarios in the PLM Context

This white paper describes the steadily growing collaboration requirements under the influence exerted by the Internet of Things (IoT) and offers approaches for designing collaboration processes more efficiently.


Challenges of the Digital Twin: Making Digital Continuity work

This white paper outlines some of the key issues that need to be addressed when implementing digital twins. In this context, the concept of Digital Continuity becomes a crucial success factor.


PDF in Manufacturing

PDF in Manufacturing provides a concise and informative background to the relationship between design technology and manufacturing technology, from Leonardo da Vinci to 3D PDF.


Generating Service Content more Efficiently

This white paper shows how PROSTEP‘s service content solution can help you to integrate your service processes more tightly with other business processes.


The Potential for Digitalization in the Shipbuilding Industry

This white paper describes possible starting points for a sustainable digitalization offensive in the shipbuilding industry.


Smart Engineering: The Impact of Industry 4.0 on PLM

This white paper describes the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 when it comes to PLM processes and systems and presents you with possible approaches for mastering these challenges.


The Challenges of PLM Collaboration

The White Paper provides the reader with an overview and serves as an orientation guide for identifying which 3D format is the more appropriate for a given use case.


3D Formats in the Field of Engineering — a Comparison

Revised edition 2013

The White Paper provides the reader with an overview and serves as an orientation guide for identifying which 3D format is the more appropriate for a given use case.


3D PDF Technology

The white paper highlights the breadth of 3D PDF technology, its use in collaborative environments, and its potential benefits for enterprises and their supply chains.


Data Security and Know-how Protection

The white paper highlights the basis for secure data communication and shows how automated data preparation can result in increased data security.


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