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PROSTEP AG is the leading, vendor-neutral consulting and software company for any and every aspect of product lifecycle management (PLM). We provide customers with support for their digital transformation and help make them fit for Industry 4.0. Our strengths include PLM strategy consulting and process optimization, system selection and implementation, PLM integration and migration, as well as secure data exchange and conversion. We provide you with support from the initial concept through to the implementation and commissioning of your PLM solution.

Our Company

PROSTEP can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the PLM sector. Our company was founded in 1993 by leading companies in the German automotive and electrical industries. Today these companies, together with the prostep ivip Association and PROSTEP AG's management, are shareholders in the PROSTEP Group. PROSTEP is headquartered in Darmstadt and maintains nine other branch offices in Germany. The group is also active in the US market via its subsidiary PROSTEP Inc., which is headquartered in Birmingham, MI, USA.


Our mission - Enabling the designs of your future

PROSTEP is a leading partner for manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and other industries. Our strength lies in a combination of experience, process know-how and technical competence. Our worldclass business tools, together with our experienced employees, bring industry best practices that allow you to implement solutions tailored to your specific challenges. Engineering and manufacturing companies benefit from enhanced customer and supply chain collaboration.

Founded in 1993 by a consortium of global OEMs and suppliers, PROSTEP has been instrumental in advancing the open standards currently being deployed. PROSTEP tools like OpenPDM and OpenDXM integrate seamlessly with best-in-class PDM, CAD, TRANSLATION and QUALITY CHECKING systems and networks to bridge the connectivity and quality gaps found in today’s complex heterogeneous environments.

PROSTEP contributes thousands of hours of expertise each year to supporting various open standards bodies. The non-profit group ProSTEP iViP is comprised of members from a large number of companies around the world, including OEMs, suppliers and vendors, all interested in advancing the adaption of industry standards.

PROSTEP is proud to count among its customers and partners leading, worldclass companies from various branches of industry and from all over the globe. PROSTEP’s list of customers include companies such as Airbus, Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Delphi, GM/Opel, John Deere, Valeo and Volkswagen.

PROSTEP has longstanding partnerships with global solution providers such as Dassault Systèmes, IBM, PTC, SAP, Siemens PLM and others.

Solutions include

PDM to PDM integrations

  • Automatic Metadata and Structure Conversion
  • Security and Data Integration
  • Import Conflict Resolution
  • Easy-to-Use Visual Tools

To learn more, visit pdmmigrationtoolkit.com

Workflow Automation

  • Customer and Supply Chain Communications
  • Data Translation and Quality Checking
  • Data Archiving and Auditing

Enterprise Data Modeling and Consulting

3D PDF solutions for engineering data with PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D

To learn more, visit pdfgenerator3d.com

Professional and Secure Managed File Transfer Solutions with PROSTEP OpenDXM GlobalX

To learn more, visit opendxmglobalx.com

Our guiding principles

Customer oriented

Our focus is not the customer but rather their productivity. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience, we know the business processes in the automotive, aircraft, mechanical and plant engineering, shipbuilding and medical engineering industries like the back of our hand and can provide our customers with all the support they require for their digital transformation.

Vendor neutral

Our independence provides the foundation for services that focus exclusively on the benefit they provide to the customer. We work together with not just one, but rather all major PLM providers and technological leaders and can therefore always offer you the best solution to meet your particular requirements (or solve your particular problem).

Security conscious

As a service provider to leading manufacturers in the automotive and other industries, our top priorities include the protection of customer data and the security offered by our IT solutions. We are one of just 800 German companies – and one of the first in our industry – to be awarded ISO 27001 certification. We don't just talk about security, it is an integral part of everything we do.

Ability to integrate

Reliability and loyalty to our customers, partners and employees are something that we value very highly. Openness and the ability to integrate form the very DNA of our company. Our more than 280 employees come from more than 20 different countries. We believe in the equal treatment of all persons – regardless of sex, origin, religion or political ideology.

Socially responsible

PROSTEP is committed to engendering a feeling of unity within the company. We provide young people with training and are involved in social projects. We are sustaining member of the non-profit organization Ingenieure ohne Grenzen association e.V. and support terre des hommes Germany e.V..


PROSTEP is a privately held stock corporation.

Shareholders of the PROSTEP Group are

Robert Bosch GmbH

Continental AG


Daimler AG


Aptiv Services Deutschland GmbH


Opel Automobile GmbH


Siemens AG


Volkswagen AG


prostep ivip Association


Shareholders of PROSTEP AG

Management of the PROSTEP Group

Board of Directors

Dr. Bernd Pätzold

Reinhard Betz

Dr. Karsten Theis
Member of the Management Board

Supervisory Board

Dr. Heinz-Gerd Lehnhoff
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Hans-Josef Nagel
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Oliver Riedel
Member of the Supervisory Board

Executive Board

Dr. Rainer Bugow

Michael Endres
VP, Regional Manager South

Dr. Martin Holland
VP Strategy & Business Development,
Regional Manager North


World Headquarters

Dolivostrasse 11
64293 Darmstadt

Tel.: +49 6151 9287-0
Fax: +49 6151 9287-326

E-Mail: infocenter@prostep.com 

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North America Headquarters

3290 W. Big Beaver Rd, Suite 220
Troy, MI 48084, USA

US Toll Free Voice: 8 PROSTEP 01 (877 678-3701)
US Toll Free Fax: 8 PROSTEP 02 (877 678-3702)
International Voice: +1 248 247 1007

E-Mail: infocenter@prostep.com

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Berlin subsidiary

Volmertrasse 1
12489 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 639260-40
Fax:  +49 30 639260-50

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Hamburg-Hammerbrook/City South subsidiary

Wendenstrasse 21
20097 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 2091608-0
Fax:  +49 40 2091608-23

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Hanover subsidiary

Karl-Wiechert-Allee 72
30625 Hanover

Tel.: +49 511 54058-0
Fax:  +49 511 54058-150

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Cologne subsidiary

Eupener Strasse 59
50933 Cologne

Tel.:  +49 221 179188-151
Fax:  +49 221 179188-159

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Munich subsidiary

Taunusstrasse 42
80807 Munich

Tel.: +49 89 35020-0
Fax:  +49 89 35020-200

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Saarbrücken subsidiary

Campus E1 4
66123 Saarbrücken

Tel.: +49 681 932529-18

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Sindelfingen subsidiary

Schwertstraße 58-60
71065 Sindelfingen

Tel.: +49 6151 9287-0

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Stuttgart subsidiary

StEP Stuttgarter Engineering Park
Wankelstrasse 14/II
70563 Stuttgart

Tel.: +49 711 391900-110
Fax:  +49 711 391900-120

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Wolfsburg subsidiary

Major-Hirst-Strasse 11
38442 Wolfsburg

Tel.: +49 5361 8974-837

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PROSTEP sp. z o. o.

Fabryczna 6/VI pietro
53-609 Wroclaw, Poland

Tel.: +48 694 082 087
Tel.: +49 160 966 956 97
E-Mail: infocenter@prostep.com

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We are a partner to all leading PLM vendors and maintain a very good network with all the players in the PLM community.


As an automotive think tank, we help shape PLM trends and make them accessible to the entire manufacturing industry.


We always keep the promises we make and deliver on time, in budget and with requisite level of quality.


We know the PLM strategies, processes, requirements and solutions in the manufacturing industry.


We know the PLM strategies, processes, requirements and solutions in the manufacturing industry.


Many customers have relied on our consulting and solution expertise from day one.

PLM collaboration

Do you have a growing need for collaboration that is increasingly complex? Do you only work sporadically with some of your development partners but need to exchange data regularly with others? Would you like to connect sites in certain countries or joint ventures to your PLM system without disclosing too much of your know how? PROSTEP provides you with advice when it comes to defining your collaboration strategy and helps you set up different collaboration scenarios using our powerful software solutions.

Partner integration

To be successful on the market, you need to be able to establish cooperative ventures and collaborative projects and dismantle them again quickly, securely and reliably. We provide you with support for developing different collaboration models, such as consortium projects, risk-sharing projects, partnerships with development service providers or system suppliers for example, which place different demands on the level of data and process integration.

Integration of joint ventures

A key requirement when collaborating within the framework of joint ventures is the ability to provide your partners with the licensed development data that they need to perform their tasks while simultaneously protecting your own data. At the same time, you want to continue to use the components that have been further developed by the joint venture. PROSTEP helps you selectively extract the data required for projects that are being conducted jointly and synchronize it at regular intervals.

CAD and PLM data exchange

Requirements in terms of data security and data quality when exchanging CAD and PLM data are becoming increasingly stringent. PROSTEP not only offers companies leading solutions for the secure and reliable exchange of data via the Internet or OFTP connections, we also help you convert your data and automate your internal and cross-enterprise exchange processes.

Engineering collaboration

Do you have to transfer data from one system to another within the framework of your computer-aided engineering processes? Do gaps and media discontinuities crop up time and again at the interfaces in the development process because the process requirements, with their complex dependencies, are often neglected? PROSTEP helps you integrate your systems across different applications, organizational units and enterprises and fully exploit the potential for optimization in an engineering environment.

Intellectual property (IP) protection

Nowadays, CAD data contains a great deal of product and method know-how. Would you like to protect this know-how against unauthorized access so that you can maintain your edge over the global competition? Place the concept and implementation of an intellectual property protection (IPP) solution tailored to meet your specific needs in the experienced hands of the experts at PROSTEP. We will make sure that your know-how stays where it belongs, namely with you.

Fast integration of partners

Would you like to be in a position to quickly bring together the partners best suited for a development project and provide them with all the development data that they need? At the same time, do you want to ensure that your security requirements are met in a traceable manner, that your know-how is protected and that you can easily control the processes and access rights for the integrated partners. PROSTEP offers you the solution for integrating partners that is best suited to meet your specific requirements.

CAD conversion

Would you like to develop your products using your own CAD system rather than replicating your customers' system environments with all the add expense this entails? The experts at PROSTEP not only provide support for quality-assured data conversion when exchanging data with customers and suppliers; if you are switching to a new system, they also clean up your existing data and automatically make it available in the new system environment.

Quality assurance for CAD and PLM data

Do you have to meet increasingly stringent requirements relating to the quality of your CAD and PLM data? We have extensive experience with a wide variety of different IT systems and are familiar with the requirements of most OEMs. This allows us to provide you with the best possible advice when selecting the appropriate tools and automating quality assurance activities.

3D PDF-based communication

Would you like to make your digital product models available for use in processes such as preparing offers, purchasing, manufacturing and assembly using one in the same medium and also make them available to external development and manufacturing partners without having to resort to paper documents? PROSTEP offers you preconfigured solutions that enable you to embed 3D models and 2D drawings in all common CAD formats, together with the PLM metadata, in 3D PDF documents automatically and distribute them throughout your company or even across different companies.

  • Standard transfer with development data via OpenPDM

  • Collaboration Center for integrating several partners
  • Concept for and implementation of OpenDXM/GlobalX data exchange solution

  • Concept for and implementation of 3D PDF-based exchange processes

Are you looking for support for your collaboration scenarios?

Take advantage of our many years of experience and cross-industry know-how.

Find out more here

Are you looking for a solution for the automated provision and synchronization of PLM and CAD data?

The world's leading product suite OpenPDM supports a wide variety of application scenarios.


Find out more here


The integration of digital product data and the consistent use of a digital master in all the processes across all phases of the product lifecycle are key prerequisites for the digital transformation of business processes and models. Are you interested in systematically driving digitalization at your company forward? PROSTEP helps you implement a 3D master, establish drawingless processes and improve the flow of information between engineering, production planning and production.

3D master as the backbone for digital companies

The use of 3D model-based product descriptions is the first step on the path towards a completely digital product model that also includes electronics- and software-specific information. PROSTEP helps you link the information located in different data silos in such a way that it can be used in the core processes of an enhanced digital company, e.g. for interdisciplinary tasks such as systems engineering.

Drawingless processes for manufacturing industry

If business processes are to become more agile, all the technical documentation required for decision-making, design reviews, internal and external collaboration and production must be made available in electronic form. PROSTEP's experts advise and provide you with support for establishing paperless and drawingless processes using enhanced 3D models and for merging geometric, technological and administrative data in 3D PDF containers for long-term archiving purposes.

Blockchain support for your PLM processes

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way business transactions are conducted over the Internet of Things and Services. Companies around the world are investing billions of dollars in testing the technology and developing blockchain-based applications and services, not only in the fields of finance and logistics but also in industrial environments. PROSTEP is one of the first PLM providers to use this technology to optimize PLM processes and to implement it in one of its software solutions. We help our customers exploit the potential offered by blockchain technology for the benefit of their company.

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Funding projects V&V and SET Level 4to5

Autonomously driving vehicles must master all critical driving situations in order to obtain approval. Testing their behaviour on the road alone would be far too risky and time-consuming. This is why renowned automobile manufacturers and suppliers together with leading German research institutes and software houses, want to develop methods and tool chains for the digital validation and homologation of highly automated (Level 4) and autonomous (Level 5) vehicles in urban environments. We have been involved right from the start!

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Building a digital product model

You want to take the requirements of the individual specialist departments into account when developing and implementing a 3D master concept, and coordinate these requirements. Our experts work together with you to develop reference processes for providing downstream processes and systems and carry out feasibility studies to secure the implementation of the concept.

Lifecycle Management
– strategic consulting and IT architecture

Do you want to further develop your PLM architecture with regard to system lifecycle management (SysML), in order to make it easier to master the complexity of model-based cybertronic product and production system development? Our systems engineering experts provide you with consultations and support when defining your SysML strategy, work together with you to develop a roadmap for implementing corresponding solutions, and also take over benchmarking and system selection for you.

Introducing processes without drawings

Do you want to eliminate media discontinuities when transferring the information digitally available in the 3D model to production or quality assurance, and also use the model data for processes such as planning installation, maintenance, or technical documentation? As a provider of original Adobe 3D PDF technology, PROSTEP supports you in establishing processes without drawings and in implementing 3D model-based technical documentation in accordance with VDA Recommendation 4953.

Virtual product validation

You are facing the challenge of ensuring traceability from the requirement through to validation when developing complex, cybertronic products, and want to implement integrated processes, methods, and data models to this end. PROSTEP supports you in integrating comprehensive simulation data management in your PLM processes and introducing FMI-based (Functional Mock-up Interface) methods for coupling different simulation models.

Virtual reality applications

3D product models can be animated to visualize certain functions, or can be spatially visualized in their environment with the help of virtual reality applications. Moreover, they can be used to augment physical products with digital information (augmented reality). We automate your process for preparing digital product data in a VR- and AR-compatible manner and provide you with applications for animating embedded 3D PDF models.

Quality management

Quality processes represent particularly important application scenarios for the digital master, since the parameters for measurement processes can be automatically filled in from an efficiently designed product model, thereby greatly simplifying quality assurance. With our help, you can already take measurement points and methods into account during model definition and thereby benefit from thorough availability of your digital quality features.

Industry 4.0 Assessment

Do you want to make your company fit for the challenges posed by the digital transformation and identify potential for new products and service offerings? Our Industry 4.0 Assessment helps you analyze your company's industry 4.0 capabilities, define goals for the coming years and identify possible quick wins. 

Find out more about our Industry 4.0 Assessment

  • Development of a digital master strategy

  • Feasibility studies for processes without drawings

  • Implementation of processes without drawings

  • Establishment of simulation data management
  • Introduction of FMI

  • Strategic consulting on system lifecycle management

  • CAD harmonization

Custom software

Although standard software reduces overall operating costs, you can improve your competitiveness and safeguard your market position with applications developed especially for selected development tasks. PROSTEP implements solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs using established standards and a tried-and-tested procedural model that we successfully deploy at numerous customers and in our own software development department. We are familiar with Java-based multi-level architectures, efficient database technologies and state-of-the-art interfaces that are also suited to mobile devices.

Agile development methods

Agile development methods ensure the fast and needs-oriented implementation of customer requirements and enable quick wins, which contribute to a higher level of acceptance among users. The software developers at PROSTEP work with methods like Scrum in a modern, benefit-oriented development process with short feedback cycles. This ensures that business-critical functions are implemented first and that resources are deployed in a results-oriented fashion.

Java Enterprise architectures

When it comes to business-critical applications, scalability, stability and security are key requirements. We work with your company to develop scalable, secure and stable Java Enterprise architectures with a large number of frameworks and technologically tested concepts for configuration, data and transaction security, multi-user operation, etc. We put our faith in efficient database technologies like Oracle and MongoDB.

PLM add-ons

Although the range of functions offered by commercial PLM systems has become every extensive in recent years, companies often need complex add-on functions that are not available on the market. The software developers at PROSTEP are familiar with the leading PLM systems and are therefore able to develop PLM add-ons for different system environments that will enable you to differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

Mobile, web-based visualization

Many companies want to merge 3D models and data from other data sources in a single web interface. Thanks the use of HOOPS technologies from Tech Soft 3D, we are able to visualize 3D data PLM information in browsers with HTML5 support. Using ThingWorx and other IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, we can combine a variety of different data sources, including the sensor data collected during the operation of products for example, in a single user interface.

  • Specification and assessment of overhead

  • Implementation planning

  • Pilot implementation
  • Implementation according to an agile procedural model

  • Commissioning and stabilization of productive operation

Products and solutions

PROSTEP provides customers with support when it comes to automating data exchange, integrating PLM, ERP and ALM, migrating and converting data, integrating partners and optimizing their collaboration processes. The services we offer are based on an extensive range of tried-and-tested software products that are being used by the numerous customers in the automotive and other industries.

Are you faced with the question of how to exchange data with development partners, suppliers or joint ventures easily, reliably and securely without compromising your intellectual property? PROSTEP's web-based data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX offers you maximum security thanks to multilevel data encryption with decentralized data storage and distributed user accounts, as well as a high level of flexibility. Not only does the software run in the web browser and is therefore easy to operate, but it can also be fully integrated in Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer in order to provide users with access to the data exchange functions in their familiar working environment.


Would you like to improve the integration of your heterogeneous IT system landscape, replace your obsolete PLM solution without any loss of information and/or integrate external development partners more tightly in your PLM processes? PROSTEP's leading integration platform OpenPDM provides you with powerful connectors and tried-and-tested mechanisms for migrating PLM data and synchronizing PLM processes. Our standard software allows you to map use cases and application scenarios with little implementation effort and easily link your digital product data with the operating data collected on IoT platforms.


Would you like to automate your data exchange processes and exchange data with your customers easily, reliably and securely directly from your CAD or PLM environment? PROSTEP's tried-and-tested data exchange solution OpenDXM can be integrated seamlessly in your existing system landscape and, thanks to its open architecture, makes it possible to integrate additional tools for controlling data quality, converting data, packaging CAD data with ENGDAT and transferring it via OFTP. The data exchange operation runs in the background, so that users can continue working but can also trace the data transfer at any time thanks to the report functions.

How can you meet your customers' ever-stricter data quality and data security requirements without having to replicate your customers' CAD and PLM system landscapes and provide your own staff to perform the data exchange operations? PROSTEP's cloud-based service OpenDESC.com takes care of all the data logistics for you – from data conversion to data transfer and the importing of your data into the respective customer systems right through to the migration of your CAD and PLM data should you decide to switch to a new system. We make sure that your data reaches the customer on time, in a secure manner, in the desired formats and with the required level of quality.


How can you eliminate media discontinuities in your business processes and use your digital data throughout all processes? PROSTEP provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions based on the original 3D PDF technology from Adobe that allow you to automatically merge 3D models from all leading CAD systems together with 2D drawings and other information in 3D PDF documents. With the help of our 3D PDF solutions, you can make available offers, change requests, manufacturing documents, assembly plans, spare parts catalogs, sales documents, etc. enterprise wide in digital form and view them using the standard Adobe Reader!


Do you want to be able to manage complex mechatronic development projects that involve different disciplines and domains more efficiently and make it possible to trace the development steps and deliverables across domains? OpenCLM allows you to link data and documents from different source systems in line with the process requirements and display the relationships between the data objects in a clear and concise cockpit. The lightweight, easy-to-configure web application ensures cross-domain traceability and configuration lifecycle management regardless of the IT systems used.


Openness and standards are key prerequisites for the conversion of existing PLM architectures and the agile implementation of new applications that provide better support for the digitalization of products and production. The prostep ivip Association has established the Code of PLM Openness (CPO) with the active support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. It is a legally regulated and accredited certification program that makes it easier for you to evaluate the PLM providers and systems in the market.

More about CPO

Introducing PLM

Introducing PLM
Implementing PLM

PLM management and process consulting

Future viability of PLM solutions
Harmonizing the PLM infrastructure
Optimizing PLM processes
Systems engineering

PLM integration and migration

PLM system integration
PLM system migration
PLM integration for mergers and acquisitions
Carving out parts of companies

PLM collaboration

Partner integration
CAD and PLM data exchange
Integration of joint ventures


3D master as the backbone for digital companies
Drawingless processes for manufacturing industry
Blockchain support for your PLM processes
Funding projects V&V and SET Level 4to5

Custom software

Agile development methods
PLM add-ons
Java Enterprise architectures
Mobile, web-based visualization

Products and solutions

Introducing PLM

Is your company already using individual PLM components but lacking an end-to-end PLM solution across all the domains and processes in the product lifecycle and which also incorporates other sites, partners, suppliers and customers? PROSTEP not only provides you with advice when designing your PLM architecture and selecting the appropriate solution components but also helps you introduce and implement PLM, i.e. help you customize and integrate the software in your existing IT environment.

Introducing PLM

Introducing PLM is also, and above all, an organizational task that requires a great deal of project management experience. We here at PROSTEP bring with us the experience gained from countless projects and have developed best practices for agile project management. We assume the role of the project owner, ensure that the requirements of the specialist departments are taken into consideration during implementation, create the operating concept and take measures to make the changes as easy on the users as possible.

Implementing PLM

Implementing PLM also requires in-depth technical knowledge of the system involved. Our experts have the requisite implementation know-how for all leading PLM systems and can therefore provide you with the support you need to adapt the data model, set up a rights management facility and design the workflows. We also specify the interfaces for the best possible integration of the PLM system in your IT landscape.

Agile system rollout

Do want to reap the initial benefits of using PLM as quickly as possible? Our experts work together with you to specify the requirements step by step, prioritize them and implement them in close cooperation with the stakeholders involved. Clear-cut functional and requirements specifications ensure fast implementation and reduce the pressures associated with project organization.

Adaptation of CAx and PLM systems

Do your users need certain features that are not included in the standard software in order to make efficient use of the CAx and PLM systems? We specify and implement the necessary customer-specific adaptations to the data model using our best practices for interlinking article, document and project information.

Best practices for CAx and PLM processes

Would you like to take advantage of the experience gained from other projects when designing your CAx and PLM processes? When it comes to implementation, we make use of tried-and-tested processes and methods. We also specify and implement sensible workflows for automating standardized processes.

Interfaces to ERP and the digital factory

Do you want to use your engineering data to provide the best possible support for downstream production, assembly, commissioning, customer documentation and service processes? Profit from our wealth of experience in harmonizing articles, BOMs and changes between PLM and ERP systems and our solution concepts for the end-to-end use of digital product data in your processes.

  • System installation

  • Rollout

  • Quality assurance

  • Training
  • Project management for agile PLM introduction

  • Requirements management

  • Change and transformation management for specialist departments and companies

  • Data migration

PLM management and process consulting

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is of strategic importance for the digital transformation and the successful implementation of new, service-oriented business models. This is something that companies must take into consideration when defining their PLM strategy, updating their IT infrastructure and optimizing their PLM processes. Take advantage of our PLM experts' wide-ranging consulting and process know-how.

Future viability of PLM solutions

Openness and scalability are essential when it comes to the future viability of PLM solutions, which have to be able to deal with new and changing requirements. As vendor-neutral consultants, we are in a position to provide an overview of the PLM market as a whole and we maintain good contacts to the major system vendors. We help you select a system – using benchmarks for example – and thus enable you to ensure the future viability of your PLM solution.

Optimizing PLM processes

Heterogeneous and error-prone PLM processes make it difficult for many companies to deploy their globally distributed resources more efficiently. Standardizing these processes is a prerequisite for cutting lead times. The consultants from PROSTEP analyze your process landscape, identify deviations between current and target processes and draw up proposals for uniform, enterprise-wide processes. We also provide you with support for digitalizing your processes.

Harmonizing the PLM infrastructure

Your PLM strategy should be geared to your company's goals and identify the areas of activity that offer the greatest potential benefits. Using an analysis of the current situation as a starting point, we work together with you to define a robust strategy and the roadmap for its implementation. We use standardized methods to gather information about your IT architecture and develop a PLM infrastructure that takes account of organizational structures and process requirements.

Systems engineering

The development of complex, cybertronic products and systems, which include increasing amounts electronics and software and are interlinked with other systems, gives rise to more complex processes and a growing need for harmonization between disciplines. Systems engineering is a systematic approach to making this complexity easier to manage and validating digital products quickly and efficiently. PROSTEP helps you break down the boundaries between disciplines, processes and systems with the aid of systems engineering and improve the integration of your product development activities.

PLM project audits

The question of to what extent a PLM solution is based on standards and thus meets quality requirements relating to product documentation often arises during the course of quality management initiatives. PROSTEP helps you perform PLM project audits, which provide an important basis for meeting these requirements. Would you like to learn more?

Complexity management

Would you like to make the increasing complexity of your products and business processes easier to manage? We help you analyze the interdependencies between products, processes, organization and methods and make the analysis tools you need available to you from our extensive methods toolkit. Would you like to learn more?

Enterprise architecture management

Would you like to continuously improve your technical PLM infrastructure and adapt it to current business demands? Our consultants help you to systematically document your infrastructure and plan changes using enterprise architecture management methods. Would you like to learn more? 

Introduction of the V model

Would you like to restructure your organization in a way that is geared to the interdisciplinary development of complex mechatronic or cybertronic products? We help you analyze your product development process and identify a solution that will allow you to successfully introduce systems engineering based on the V model for the development of complex products with software, electronic and mechanical components.

PLM methods and concepts

BOM management, variant and configuration management, and engineering change management provide the basis for consistent product structures throughout the entire product lifecycle. PROSTEP has the methods expertise required to provide you with effective support when structuring your products. Would you like to learn more?

Systems lifecycle management

Your products are evolving into systems. Are you faced with the task of systematically recording and validating the many different requirements? Do your development departments need a uniform product model in order to employ an agile approach to work? We analyze your existing PLM infrastructure and develop, together with you, a strategy for successfully introducing system lifecycle management.

  • Evaluation of PLM strategy and PLM infrastructure

  • Suggestions for alternative PLM architectures

  • Validation through comparison with the PLM infrastructures of comparable companies

  • Decision documents for strategic planning by company management

  • Development concept for introducing or extending PLM solutions

  • Conceptual planning of changes to the IT infrastructure in the specialist departments

  • Road map for implementing conceptual planning
  • Criteria catalog for PLM system selection

  • Creation of functional specifications for the request for quotes

  • Execution of a PLM benchmark

  • Cost estimates/ROI analysis based on our many years of experience

  • Rollout planning and transfer to a procedural model for PLM implementation

  • Systems engineering process assessment (SEPA)

  • Development of a strategy for systems lifecycle management

PLM integration and migration

Your PLM world is constantly changing. Would you like to replace your old systems, consolidate your heterogeneous system environment following a company acquisition, integrate joint ventures in your IT infrastructure or share your product data with partners in secure manner? Take advantage of the consulting know-how offered by the leading specialist for PLM system integration and migration. Benefit from our many years of expertise implementing PLM integration and migration projects and our powerful software solutions.

PLM system integration

Monolithic PLM architectures are increasingly being replaced by modular and intelligently networked, best-in-class solutions that are better equipped to deal with dynamically changing process requirements. PROSTEP provides companies with support when cross-linking the PLM information residing in different system environments like PLM, ALM, ERP and SDM to ensure that up-to-date PLM data is always available in its entirety throughout the company. The use of open industry standards such as STEP, JT and OSLC make our integrations future-proof.

PLM integration for mergers and acquisitions

Do you needs to reduce the number of discontinuities between systems along your value-added chain and integrate newly acquired business units in your established processes? Would you like to exploit the synergies offered by uniform IT support for processes such as development, procurement, partner communication, etc.? We offer you tried-and-tested strategies for integrating and standardizing your PLM system landscape with the temporary coexistence of different data sources.

PLM system migration

Replacing existing CAD and PLM systems or consolidating heterogeneous system environments means that large amounts of design data and master data need to be migrated. PROSTEP provides you with advice when it comes to defining the best strategy for transferring the data and helps you clean up, classify and convert the existing data and automatically transfer it to the new system environment.

Carving out parts of companies

Have you sold part of your company and now have to extract it together with its development activities from your existing IT infrastructure without compromising your ability to work and at the same time ensuring that your know-how is protected? Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of data migration, we are in a position to provide you with effective support when it comes to unbundling data and systems.

Multi-system integration

Would you like to intelligently link product data from mechanical, electrical/electronic and software development activities with your master data and make it available to all the departments involved in the product engineering process? We offer you best-in-class solutions for integrating different IT applications.

Quality assurance for CAD and PLM data

Do you have to meet increasingly stringent requirements relating to the quality of your CAD and PLM data? We have extensive experience with a wide variety of different IT systems and are familiar with the requirements of most OEMs, which enables us to provide you with the best possible advice when selecting the appropriate tools and automating quality assurance activities.

Loss-free migration of CAD and PLM data

Would you like to replace your old systems without any loss of information? Our consultants will define a migration strategy that is tailored to your process environment and your requirements, be it the migration of all the data at once (Big Bang) or step-by-step with the temporary parallel use of the old and new systems, and automate the data transfer. With our help, you can successfully migrate the data in the shortest possible time while preserving all your know-how.

CAD conversion

Would you like to develop your products using your own CAD system instead of replicating your customers' system environments with all the added expense this entails? The experts at PROSTEP not only provide support for quality-assured data conversion; they can also help you switch to a new system by cleaning up your existing data and automatically making it available in the new system environment.

  • Concept and implementation of the migration solution OpenPDM

  • Concept and rollout of OpenPDM as an integration platform
  • PLM process and interface automation

  • Operational control and evaluation of migration on the basis of predefined KPIs

Are you looking for support for your PLM system integration and migration projects?

Take advantage of our many years of experience and cross-industry know-how.

Find out more here

Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to integrate and migrate your PLM data and processes?

The world's leading product suite OpenPDM supports a wide variety of application scenarios.


Find out more here


The name PROSTEP is synonymous with wide-ranging PLM expertise. We have been advising and helping leading companies worldwide develop their PLM strategies, define their PLM infrastructure, select systems, optimize their PLM processes and integrate their suppliers for over 25 years. The experience gained from hundreds of successful customer projects is bundled in our practice-oriented methodology.

  • PROSTEP is the vendor-neutral PLM consultant with the best overview of the PLM market. Our credo is based on the openness, transparency and flexibility of PLM solutions.
  • The comprehensive know-how offered by our staff provides the framework for our consulting services. They not only speak the language of IT experts but are also familiar with user requirements.
  • We provide our customers with both advice and implementation support. That is why our approach to consulting is geared to the requirements of real-life applications.
  • Consulting projects are handled by small, competent teams using agile methods to ensure that concrete results are achieved quickly.
  • An extensive toolbox of methods, templates and best practices guarantee a tried-and-tested uniform approach and ensure that projects can be handled quickly.
  • Use of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) ensures the smooth rollout and testing of IT solutions and enables errors to be identified and rectified as best possible.
  • Our methodology is constantly being improved and enhanced. Our specialist teams collect information about projects being conducted at different companies and in different industries and applies this know-how to your project.
  • Our experienced team of developers design and implement software solutions tailored to meet your individual needs using agile technologies such as SCRUM, etc.

Our customers



Together we are stronger. As a customer of PROSTEP AG, you benefit not only from our extensive network of technology, sales and service partners but also from our stake in companies that neatly round off the range of solutions we offer. As a member of numerous organizations, we have a finger on the pulse of technology and actively participate in key research and development projects, particularly in the field of standardization.

Technology Partners

Synergies bundle knowledge. And knowledge provides solutions.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, we have long maintained open and productive relationships with all leading IT system vendors.

Our strategic partners include leading CAx and PLM providers.

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Silver Solutions Partner EMEA

Altair Engineering, Inc.




Aras Corp


 Arena Solutions, Inc.

Autodesk GmbH
CONTACT Software GmbH
CubeFour GmbH

Dassault Systèmes SA
Software Partner
Service Partner
CSI Partner

Elysium GmbH

IBM - International Business Machines
Corporation Business Partner



LeanIX GmbH
MSC Software Corporation
Oracle Corporation
Gold Partner
PTC - Parametric Technology Corporation
PartnerAdvantage Gold
Service Partner
Siemens PLM Software Inc.
Solution Partner
Tech Soft 3D
T-Systems International GmbH
WSCAD electronic GmbH

Sales and service partners

Our sales partners expand their offering to include PROSTEP products and services. These specialists provide companies from a wide variety of different branches of industry with professional advice and support.

Our network of sales partners comprises companies from around the world.

 HCL Technologies Ltd. provides technical support for OpenDXM and OpenDXM GlobalX in the Asia Pacific region.
Infinities 1st GmbH is a sales partner for OpenDXM and OpenDXM GlobalX in Germany.

KPEC GmbH is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in Turkey.


Mirae Information Technology Inc. is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in South Korea.


SEAL Systems AG is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Smartscape, Inc. is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in Asia.

Tetra 4D LLC is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in North America.

Joint ventures

PROSTEP is part of a number of joint ventures, thus bundling its various areas of expertise for the benefit of its customers and providing them with access to innovative technologies.

The BHC GmbH, with its headquarters in Boeblingen, is specialized in IT-related consulting for product- and application lifecycle management in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and plant engineering.

The focus of our competence lies in the consulting of consistent process, method and IT-system development for companies in the fields of mechatronics and software development. We have proven this repeatedly through the realization of numerous projects during our more than 17 years of experience.

CenProCS AIRliance GmbH is a joint venture involving Cenit AG, PROSTEP AG and CS Communication & Systems.

It bundles consultancy services for EADS.


The young company Logic for Business GmbH markets the solution v.control, innovative software for identifying and visualizing product platforms and the associated product components. Logic for Business also offers consultancy and other services relating to the various aspects of integrated product models.


PROSTEP AG is in tune with the times and plays an active role in bringing about new developments.

We are therefore a member of the following organizations:

The 3D PDF Consortium comprises Adobe, Tetra 4D, Tech Soft 3D, PROSTEP and a number of other companies. The organization supports the further development of the PDF/E and PRC standards.
The Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems - ASAM e. V. coordinates the development of technical standards. The standards define protocols, file formats and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for software development and testing of automotive ECUs.

The research association “Forschungsvereinigung Smart Engineering e.V.” is an association for the support of science and research as well as education in the field of smart engineering. The aim of the association is to develop smart products and services as well as to advance a linked production and its associated production systems throughout the entire product life cycle to enable a continuous digital added value.

The Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering e.V. is a non-profit association. The individual contributions and the commitment of our association members (individuals, companies and institutes) create added value for the society and thus for everyone. The goal of GfSE is to bring Systems Engineering in the German speaking countries to the best possible application and further development and to provide a forum for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and experience in Systems Engineering.
The Kundendienst-Verband Deutschland e. V. - KVD is a professional association for employees in customer service and service in various industries. It supports specialists and managers in the design of their technical customer service.

NAFEMS - National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards - is a not-for-profit organization promoting the effective use of engineering simulation methods.


The OMG consortium - Object Management Group, Inc. - develops internationally recognized standards for vendor-independent and cross-system object-oriented programming.


The prostep ivip Association develops future-oriented solution approaches and standards for product data management and virtual product development.

The Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e.V. - tekom - is the German professional association for technical communication and information development.

VDMA - Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. - is an interest group representing approximately 3,000 primarily small and medium-sized companies in Germany's capital goods industry.


The Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Produktentwicklung WiGeP - Berliner Kreis & WGMK - is a network of excellence for promoting product innovation in machine engineering and related branches of industry.


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The year 2020 also posed a special challenge for PROSTEP. We have used the Corona crisis as an opportunity, invested in innovation projects and new products and hired new employees. You can read about this and much more in the current issue of the PROSTEP newsletter. The newsletter is now online.

  • Harmonizing product, process and service. Interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Riedel, member of the institute management of Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart.
  • PROSTEP TECHDAY offered a diverse program. By Peter Pfalzgraf.
  • PROSTEP makes PDM development at Daimler more agile. By Frank Brandstetter.
  • MEYER Group and PROSTEP evaluate standard PLM capabilities for the shipbuilding industry. By Jan Bitomsky.

    In addition to interesting interviews and technical articles, we will also be informing you about the most important news and innovations from our company, e.g. the successful TISAX certification or the new version 9.2 of our OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform.

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