All administration tasks in OpenDXM GlobalX 9.4 now in the web

Darmstadt, January 2023 – PROSTEP AG's maintenance customers can now download the new version 9.4 of the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform via the customer portal. The major release not only makes it easier for system administrators to go about their work but also extends the PDM integrations. In addition, it optimizes data handling in distributed environments with the aid of alternative FileVaults.

With version 9.4, PROSTEP has now finished migrating all of the administrative functions to the new web client. This means that administrators can, for example, manage and maintain approval processes in accordance with the four-eyes principle, send broadcast messages to user groups via e-mail, and create user-specific import specifications in the web. The new version has further improved the monitoring and management of processing operations in OpenDXM GlobalX.

The integration of data exchange processes in PDM/PLM systems has also been improved in OpenDXM GlobalX 9.4, as Product Manager Daniel Wiegand explains: "A completely redesigned wizard makes it easier to create jobs from the PLM environment. The integrations use the new OpenPDM generation 9 components, which makes the execution of processes more efficient."

When transferring data, the function for determining a hash value can now be activated to ensure the integrity of the transferred data. This means that OpenDXM GlobalX provides even greater security during data exchange.

The software developers have also optimized the concept of alternative FileVaults introduced in previous versions. OpenDXM GlobalX is now able to distribute the data to different regions using FileVaults. Incoming data can now be viewed more easily. The data is displayed as preview files in the form of graphics or videos in a gallery in the data entry area.