Altair integrates OpenPDM technology into Altair Hyperworks

Darmstadt, August 2023 – PROSTEP and Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), have expanded their long-standing partnership, making it easier to connect Altair’s design and simulation platform Altair HyperWorks to popular PLM solutions. Altair integrates powerful OpenPDM connectors to corresponding PLM systems directly into the platform’s CAE solutions such as Altair HyperMesh.

The extended partnership enables Altair to integrate PROSTEP connectors directly into HyperWorks’ CAE solutions and to offer them to their customers. Many of Altair's customers want to be able to use CAx data for simulations in an audit-proof manner, i.e. under PLM control, and to automatically feed simulation results back into the PLM system. The proven integration technology with PROSTEP will enable Altair to keep the cost of developing and maintaining these interfaces competitive.

As part of the partnership, PROSTEP will provide Altair with the connectors, associated documentation, and necessary support. "Thanks to PROSTEP's connectors, we have managed to connect the respective PLM systems very quickly and with little effort," said Joe Kovacs, vice president of modeling and visualization, Altair. "This allows us to offer our customers an additional service in a simple way.”

"The expanded partnership with Altair is an important step for us on our way to becoming a data as a service provider,” explained Mirko Theiß, senior manager at PROSTEP. “Our strategy is to provide our customers and the customers of our partners with uniform interfaces for accessing their PLM data, which they can also use as a service from the cloud if required.”