OpenCLM 3.0 makes integration in IT landscapes even easier

Darmstadt, February 2024 – PROSTEP has launched the new version 3.0 of its digital thread solution, OpenCLM, which can now be integrated into customers' IT landscapes even more easily. The information in the connected IT systems can also be linked with each other with a greater degree of flexibility. Improvements to the dashboards and graph visualization ensure that the information is displayed more clearly and concisely. The new version is now available.

The OpenCLM digital thread solution makes it possible to link relevant information from the IT systems used in different domains and disciplines. This makes it easier to track the status of development projects and orchestrate change management across domain boundaries. The new version of OpenCLM now offers a generic connector that can be used to access all tried-and-tested connectors and systems that are connected to OpenPDM. This means that the solution can be integrated in heterogeneous IT landscapes with a minimum of effort. The new user guide, which also includes video tutorials, simplifies the implementation of the digital thread solution.

The development team has also created the option of connecting OpenCLM to an existing role and rights management system via LDAP. This means that access to the information can be controlled more explicitly without having to define new roles and rights in OpenCLM.

The introduction of load rules and precise links, another new feature in OpenCLM 3.0, allows different versions to be linked across different projects with an even greater degree of flexibility. Users normally always reference the current version during the development of a new component. But they also have the option of replacing this load rule with a precise link to a specific version with just a few clicks of the mouse once development has been completed. This makes further development and reuse of their components in other product platforms and contexts easier.

The improvements made to the user interface in OpenCLM 3.0 include new interactive graph visualization and clearer and more precise presentation of information in the dashboards as well as what is referred to as an entity page. It provides a structured overview of the information.

OpenCLM 3.0 can be installed on premises in the customer's IT infrastructure, or it can be used as a SaaS application from a private or public cloud, as product manager Johannes Lützenberger explains. "This makes it possible for us to adapt perfectly to the individual circumstances of our customers. An ever-increasing number of companies are pursuing a clear-cut cloud strategy."