OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 with new deputy regulations

Darmstadt, December 2023 – Version 9.5 of PROSTEP's world-leading data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX contains numerous new features and improvements. One important new feature is the ability to set up deputy regulations for receiving data in the event of planned or unplanned absence. In addition, the customizing client in OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 has been fully integrated into the web interface. The new version will be delivered later this month.

In recent months, the product developers at PROSTEP have, in line with the agile development concept, worked their way through over 470 processes with the aim of further improving OpenDXM GlobalX and making it even more secure. This also involved implementing a large number of requests made by customers, such as the deputy regulation. In the event of a vacation or illness, the users themselves or the system administrators can designate one or more deputies who are allowed to download the data. The deputies can see who they represent in the message box page and are notified via e-mail when new data is received.

Another important new feature in OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 is the integration of the Customizing Client, which was previously a separate application, in the web client. This means that users can now set up postprocessing processes, such as CAD conversion and OFTP transfer, in the user-friendly web interface. Moving the Customizing Client to the web has the added advantage of making it easier to program postprocessing processes thanks to syntax highlighting and comparison functions.

The product developers at PROSTEP have also improved the usability of the data exchange platform. This means that users are now better guided through the login process. In the user interface, users can choose between entering their username and password or single sign-on using a widely accepted identity and access management (IAM) application.

“Security is and remains OpenDXM GlobalX's hallmark”, points out Daniel Wiegand, Product Manager OpenDXM Solutions. “We have therefore once again arranged for the new version to be tested by external penetration testers and has implemented their feedback in additional improvements. Customers who place particular emphasis on maximum security when exchanging data should therefore switch to the new version as soon as possible.”