Blockchain support for your PLM processes

Blockchain technology not only provides the basis for securing financial transactions in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum but also allows other business transactions to be authenticated. Examples here include the validation of software updates in autonomous vehicles or the forgery-proof exchange of 3D print data with authorized print service providers. What makes the technology interesting for industrial applications is the possibility of handling interactions between partners who do not necessarily know or trust one another without the need for a trusted intermediary. The transactions are stored in a chain of data blocks and distributed to a large number of recipients, which ensures that they cannot subsequently be manipulated.

PROSTEP has been working on possible applications for the technology in the PLM environment for some time now and is offering its customers start-up workshops on blockchain technology. Furthermore, we have demonstrated the industrial applicability of the technology within the framework of the SAMPL project using the example of an end-to-end security solution for additive manufacturing. We have also integrated the technology in our data exchange solution OpenDXM GlobalX, thus making it available to anyone using the data exchange platform.

Start-up blockchain workshops

Many companies are asking themselves how exactly blockchain technology works and how it can be deployed effectively in the PLM environment. PROSTEP's blockchain workshop provides you with a basic understanding of how the technology works and describes the software architecture, network infrastructure and setup required for a possible implementation. We provide you with criteria that you can use to evaluate whether or not an implementation is worthwhile and work together with you to identify possible application scenarios within your company.

Flyer blockchain workshops (German Version)

Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform (SAMPL)

Together with the consortium partners from the SAMPL project, PROSTEP has created an end-to-end chain of trust for additive manufacturing that makes 3D printing secure and ensures traceability. It covers the entire process from creating the digital 3D print data to exchanging the data with print service providers and their trusted 3D printers through to identifying the printed parts. In conjunction with OpenDXM GlobalX, blockchain ensures that the data cannot be compromised and that it can only be printed by the authorized recipient the licensed number of times.

Flyer SAMPL Secure 3D Printing

OpenDXM GlobalX is blockchain ready

PROSTEP integrated blockchain technology in the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange solution as part of the SAMPL project. It is therefore available to all customers who not only want to ensure that their data is reliably protected during data exchange but also want to be able to authenticate their exchange partners with absolute certainty and ensure compliance with contractual rules by means of so-called smart contracts.

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