Custom softwear

Although standard software reduces overall operating costs, you can improve your competitiveness and safeguard your market position with applications developed especially for selected development tasks. PROSTEP implements solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs using established standards and a tried-and-tested procedural model that we successfully deploy at numerous customers and in our own software development department. We are familiar with Java-based multi-level architectures, efficient database technologies and state-of-the-art interfaces that are also suited to mobile devices.

Agile development methods

Agile development methods ensure the fast and needs-oriented implementation of customer requirements and enable quick wins, which contribute to a higher level of acceptance among users. The software developers at PROSTEP work with methods like Scrum in a modern, benefit-oriented development process with short feedback cycles. This ensures that business-critical functions are implemented first and that resources are deployed in a results-oriented fashion.

Java Enterprise architectures

When it comes to business-critical applications, scalability, stability and security are key requirements. We work with your company to develop scalable, secure and stable Java Enterprise architectures with a large number of frameworks and technologically tested concepts for configuration, data and transaction security, multi-user operation, etc. We put our faith in efficient database technologies like Oracle and MongoDB.

PLM add-ons

Although the range of functions offered by commercial PLM systems has become every extensive in recent years, companies often need complex add-on functions that are not available on the market. The software developers at PROSTEP are familiar with the leading PLM systems and are therefore able to develop PLM add-ons for different system environments that will enable you to differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

Mobile, web-based visualization

Many companies want to merge 3D models and data from other data sources in a single web interface. Thanks the use of HOOPS technologies from Tech Soft 3D, we are able to visualize 3D data PLM information in browsers with HTML5 support. Using ThingWorx and other IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, we can combine a variety of different data sources, including the sensor data collected during the operation of products for example, in a single user interface.

  • Specification and assessment of overhead
  • Implementation planning
  • Pilot implementation
  • Implementation according to an agile procedural model
  • Commissioning and stabilization of productive operation

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