The integration of digital product data and the consistent use of a digital master in all the processes across all phases of the product lifecycle are key prerequisites for the digital transformation of business processes and models. Are you interested in systematically driving digitalization at your company forward? PROSTEP helps you implement a 3D master, establish drawingless processes and improve the flow of information between engineering, production planning and production.

3D master as the backbone for digital companies

The use of 3D model-based product descriptions is the first step on the path towards a completely digital product model that also includes electronics- and software-specific information. PROSTEP helps you link the information located in different data silos in such a way that it can be used in the core processes of an enhanced digital company, e.g. for interdisciplinary tasks such as systems engineering.

Drawingless processes for manufacturing industry

If business processes are to become more agile, all the technical documentation required for decision-making, design reviews, internal and external collaboration and production must be made available in electronic form. PROSTEP's experts advise and provide you with support for establishing paperless and drawingless processes using enhanced 3D models and for merging geometric, technological and administrative data in 3D PDF containers for long-term archiving purposes.

Blockchain support for your PLM processes

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way business transactions are conducted over the Internet of Things and Services. Companies around the world are investing billions of dollars in testing the technology and developing blockchain-based applications and services, not only in the fields of finance and logistics but also in industrial environments. PROSTEP is one of the first PLM providers to use this technology to optimize PLM processes and to implement it in one of its software solutions. We help our customers exploit the potential offered by blockchain technology for the benefit of their company.

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Funding projects V&V and SET Level

Autonomously driving vehicles must master all critical driving situations in order to obtain approval. Testing their behaviour on the road alone would be far too risky and time-consuming. This is why renowned automobile manufacturers and suppliers together with leading German research institutes and software houses, want to develop methods and tool chains for the digital validation and homologation of highly automated (Level 4) and autonomous (Level 5) vehicles in urban environments. We have been involved right from the start!

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Building a digital product model

You want to take the requirements of the individual specialist departments into account when developing and implementing a 3D master concept, and coordinate these requirements. Our experts work together with you to develop reference processes for providing downstream processes and systems and carry out feasibility studies to secure the implementation of the concept.

Lifecycle Management
– strategic consulting and IT architecture

Do you want to further develop your PLM architecture with regard to system lifecycle management (SysML), in order to make it easier to master the complexity of model-based cybertronic product and production system development? Our systems engineering experts provide you with consultations and support when defining your SysML strategy, work together with you to develop a roadmap for implementing corresponding solutions, and also take over benchmarking and system selection for you.

Introducing processes without drawings

Do you want to eliminate media discontinuities when transferring the information digitally available in the 3D model to production or quality assurance, and also use the model data for processes such as planning installation, maintenance, or technical documentation? As a provider of original Adobe 3D PDF technology, PROSTEP supports you in establishing processes without drawings and in implementing 3D model-based technical documentation in accordance with VDA Recommendation 4953.

Virtual product validation

You are facing the challenge of ensuring traceability from the requirement through to validation when developing complex, cybertronic products, and want to implement integrated processes, methods, and data models to this end. PROSTEP supports you in integrating comprehensive simulation data management in your PLM processes and introducing FMI-based (Functional Mock-up Interface) methods for coupling different simulation models.

Virtual reality applications

3D product models can be animated to visualize certain functions, or can be spatially visualized in their environment with the help of virtual reality applications. Moreover, they can be used to augment physical products with digital information (augmented reality). We automate your process for preparing digital product data in a VR- and AR-compatible manner and provide you with applications for animating embedded 3D PDF models.

Quality management

Quality processes represent particularly important application scenarios for the digital master, since the parameters for measurement processes can be automatically filled in from an efficiently designed product model, thereby greatly simplifying quality assurance. With our help, you can already take measurement points and methods into account during model definition and thereby benefit from thorough availability of your digital quality features.

Industry 4.0 Assessment

Do you want to make your company fit for the challenges posed by the digital transformation and identify potential for new products and service offerings? Our Industry 4.0 Assessment helps you analyze your company's industry 4.0 capabilities, define goals for the coming years and identify possible quick wins. 

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  • Development of a digital master strategy
  • Feasibility studies for processes without drawings
  • Implementation of processes without drawings
  • Establishment of simulation data management
  • Introduction of FMI
  • Strategic consulting on system lifecycle management
  • CAD harmonization

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