PLM collaboration

Do you have a growing need for collaboration that is increasingly complex? Do you only work sporadically with some of your development partners but need to exchange data regularly with others? Would you like to connect sites in certain countries or joint ventures to your PLM system without disclosing too much of your know how? PROSTEP provides you with advice when it comes to defining your collaboration strategy and helps you set up different collaboration scenarios using our powerful software solutions.

Partner integration

To be successful on the market, you need to be able to establish cooperative ventures and collaborative projects and dismantle them again quickly, securely and reliably. We provide you with support for developing different collaboration models, such as consortium projects, risk-sharing projects, partnerships with development service providers or system suppliers for example, which place different demands on the level of data and process integration.

CAD and PLM data exchange

Requirements in terms of data security and data quality when exchanging CAD and PLM data are becoming increasingly stringent. PROSTEP not only offers companies leading solutions for the secure and reliable exchange of data via the Internet or OFTP connections, we also help you convert your data and automate your internal and cross-enterprise exchange processes.

Integration of joint ventures

A key requirement when collaborating within the framework of joint ventures is the ability to provide your partners with the licensed development data that they need to perform their tasks while simultaneously protecting your own data. At the same time, you want to continue to use the components that have been further developed by the joint venture. PROSTEP helps you selectively extract the data required for projects that are being conducted jointly and synchronize it at regular intervals.

Engineering collaboration

Do you have to transfer data from one system to another within the framework of your computer-aided engineering processes? Do gaps and media discontinuities crop up time and again at the interfaces in the development process because the process requirements, with their complex dependencies, are often neglected? PROSTEP helps you integrate your systems across different applications, organizational units and enterprises and fully exploit the potential for optimization in an engineering environment.

Intellectual property (IP) protection

Nowadays, CAD data contains a great deal of product and method know-how. Would you like to protect this know-how against unauthorized access so that you can maintain your edge over the global competition? Place the concept and implementation of an intellectual property protection (IPP) solution tailored to meet your specific needs in the experienced hands of the experts at PROSTEP. We will make sure that your know-how stays where it belongs, namely with you.

Fast integration of partners

Would you like to be in a position to quickly bring together the partners best suited for a development project and provide them with all the development data that they need? At the same time, do you want to ensure that your security requirements are met in a traceable manner, that your know-how is protected and that you can easily control the processes and access rights for the integrated partners. PROSTEP offers you the solution for integrating partners that is best suited to meet your specific requirements.

CAD conversion

Would you like to develop your products using your own CAD system rather than replicating your customers' system environments with all the add expense this entails? The experts at PROSTEP not only provide support for quality-assured data conversion when exchanging data with customers and suppliers; if you are switching to a new system, they also clean up your existing data and automatically make it available in the new system environment.

Quality assurance for CAD and PLM data

Do you have to meet increasingly stringent requirements relating to the quality of your CAD and PLM data? We have extensive experience with a wide variety of different IT systems and are familiar with the requirements of most OEMs. This allows us to provide you with the best possible advice when selecting the appropriate tools and automating quality assurance activities.

3D PDF-based communication

Would you like to make your digital product models available for use in processes such as preparing offers, purchasing, manufacturing and assembly using one in the same medium and also make them available to external development and manufacturing partners without having to resort to paper documents? PROSTEP offers you preconfigured solutions that enable you to embed 3D models and 2D drawings in all common CAD formats, together with the PLM metadata, in 3D PDF documents automatically and distribute them throughout your company or even across different companies.

  • Standard transfer with development data via OpenPDM
  • Collaboration Center for integrating several partners
  • Concept for and implementation of OpenDXM/GlobalX data exchange solution
  • Concept for and implementation of 3D PDF-based exchange processes

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