PLM integration and migration

Your PLM world is constantly changing. Would you like to replace your old systems, consolidate your heterogeneous system environment following a company acquisition, integrate joint ventures in your IT infrastructure or share your product data with partners in secure manner? Take advantage of the consulting know-how offered by the leading specialist for PLM system integration and migration. Benefit from our many years of expertise implementing PLM integration and migration projects and our powerful software solutions.

PLM system integration

Monolithic PLM architectures are increasingly being replaced by modular and intelligently networked, best-in-class solutions that are better equipped to deal with dynamically changing process requirements. PROSTEP provides companies with support when cross-linking the PLM information residing in different system environments like PLM, ALM, ERP and SDM to ensure that up-to-date PLM data is always available in its entirety throughout the company. The use of open industry standards such as STEP, JT and OSLC make our integrations future-proof.

PLM integration for mergers and acquisitions

Do you needs to reduce the number of discontinuities between systems along your value-added chain and integrate newly acquired business units in your established processes? Would you like to exploit the synergies offered by uniform IT support for processes such as development, procurement, partner communication, etc.? We offer you tried-and-tested strategies for integrating and standardizing your PLM system landscape with the temporary coexistence of different data sources.

PLM system migration

Replacing existing CAD and PLM systems or consolidating heterogeneous system environments means that large amounts of design data and master data need to be migrated. PROSTEP provides you with advice when it comes to defining the best strategy for transferring the data and helps you clean up, classify and convert the existing data and automatically transfer it to the new system environment.

Carving out parts of companies

Have you sold part of your company and now have to extract it together with its development activities from your existing IT infrastructure without compromising your ability to work and at the same time ensuring that your know-how is protected? Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of data migration, we are in a position to provide you with effective support when it comes to unbundling data and systems.

Multi-system integration

Would you like to intelligently link product data from mechanical, electrical/electronic and software development activities with your master data and make it available to all the departments involved in the product engineering process? We offer you best-in-class solutions for integrating different IT applications.

Quality assurance for CAD and PLM data

Do you have to meet increasingly stringent requirements relating to the quality of your CAD and PLM data? We have extensive experience with a wide variety of different IT systems and are familiar with the requirements of most OEMs, which enables us to provide you with the best possible advice when selecting the appropriate tools and automating quality assurance activities.

Loss-free migration of CAD and PLM data

Would you like to replace your old systems without any loss of information? Our consultants will define a migration strategy that is tailored to your process environment and your requirements, be it the migration of all the data at once (Big Bang) or step-by-step with the temporary parallel use of the old and new systems, and automate the data transfer. With our help, you can successfully migrate the data in the shortest possible time while preserving all your know-how.

CAD conversion

Would you like to develop your products using your own CAD system instead of replicating your customers' system environments with all the added expense this entails? The experts at PROSTEP not only provide support for quality-assured data conversion; they can also help you switch to a new system by cleaning up your existing data and automatically making it available in the new system environment.

  • Concept and implementation of the migration solution OpenPDM
  • Concept and rollout of OpenPDM as an integration platform
  • PLM process and interface automation
  • Operational control and evaluation of migration on the basis of predefined KPIs

Take advantage of our many years of experience and cross-industry know-how.

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The world's leading product suite OpenPDM supports a wide variety of application scenarios.

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