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PROSTEP provides customers with support when it comes to automating data exchange, integrating PLM, ERP and ALM, migrating and converting data, integrating partners and optimizing their collaboration processes. The services we offer are based on an extensive range of tried-and-tested software products that are being used by the numerous customers in the automotive and other industries.

Would you like to automate your data exchange processes and exchange data with your customers easily, reliably and securely directly from your CAD or PLM environment? PROSTEP's tried-and-tested data exchange solution OpenDXM can be integrated seamlessly in your existing system landscape and, thanks to its open architecture, makes it possible to integrate additional tools for controlling data quality, converting data, packaging CAD data with ENGDAT and transferring it via OFTP. The data exchange operation runs in the background, so that users can continue working but can also trace the data transfer at any time thanks to the report functions.


How can you meet your customers' ever-stricter data quality and data security requirements without having to replicate your customers' CAD and PLM system landscapes and provide your own staff to perform the data exchange operations? PROSTEP's cloud-based service takes care of all the data logistics for you – from data conversion to data transfer and the importing of your data into the respective customer systems right through to the migration of your CAD and PLM data should you decide to switch to a new system. We make sure that your data reaches the customer on time, in a secure manner, in the desired formats and with the required level of quality.

Are you faced with the question of how to exchange data with development partners, suppliers or joint ventures easily, reliably and securely without compromising your intellectual property? PROSTEP's web-based data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX offers you maximum security thanks to multilevel data encryption with decentralized data storage and distributed user accounts, as well as a high level of flexibility. Not only does the software run in the web browser and is therefore easy to operate, but it can also be fully integrated in Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer in order to provide users with access to the data exchange functions in their familiar working environment.

Would you like to improve the integration of your heterogeneous IT system landscape, replace your obsolete PLM solution without any loss of information and/or integrate external development partners more tightly in your PLM processes? PROSTEP's leading integration platform OpenPDM provides you with powerful connectors and tried-and-tested mechanisms for migrating PLM data and synchronizing PLM processes. Our standard software allows you to map use cases and application scenarios with little implementation effort and easily link your digital product data with the operating data collected on IoT platforms.

How can you eliminate media discontinuities in your business processes and use your digital data throughout all processes? PROSTEP provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions based on the original 3D PDF technology from Adobe that allow you to automatically merge 3D models from all leading CAD systems together with 2D drawings and other information in 3D PDF documents. With the help of our 3D PDF solutions, you can make available offers, change requests, manufacturing documents, assembly plans, spare parts catalogs, sales documents, etc. enterprise wide in digital form and view them using the standard Adobe Reader!

Do you want to be able to manage complex mechatronic development projects that involve different disciplines and domains more efficiently and make it possible to trace the development steps and deliverables across domains? OpenCLM allows you to link data and documents from different source systems in line with the process requirements and display the relationships between the data objects in a clear and concise cockpit. The lightweight, easy-to-configure web application ensures cross-domain traceability and configuration lifecycle management regardless of the IT systems used.

Openness and standards are key prerequisites for the conversion of existing PLM architectures and the agile implementation of new applications that provide better support for the digitalization of products and production. The prostep ivip Association has established the Code of PLM Openness (CPO) with the active support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. It is a legally regulated and accredited certification program that makes it easier for you to evaluate the PLM providers and systems in the market.

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