Introducing system lifecycle management

Optimizing PLM processes

Heterogeneous and error-prone PLM processes make it difficult for many companies to deploy their globally distributed resources more efficiently. Standardizing these processes is a prerequisite for cutting lead times. The consultants from PROSTEP analyze your process landscape, identify deviations between current and target processes and draw up proposals for uniform, enterprise-wide processes. We also provide you with support for digitalizing your processes.

Application consulting

We use OpenPDM, OpenDXM GlobalX and OpenCLM to develop powerful standard software for data integration, data exchange and collaboration in digital engineering processes as well as for configuration management and ensuring the digital thread. We also offer our customers consulting services that cover all the aspects of these solutions to ensure their fast implementation, seamless integration and optimal use. We use our solutions to help you to achieve end-to-end digitalization, from the management of market requirements to the development, validation and verification of your products through to the derivation of the service BOM, and thus ensure the traceability of your development processes.

Advice when selecting a system

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a key pillar of system lifecycle management (SLM) alongside application lifecycle management (ALM) and model-based systems engineering (MBSE). SLM, however, places greater demands on your IT infrastructure. This is one of the reasons why companies are calling their existing PLM/ALM landscape into question. But there are also other reasons.

Regardless of why you are for looking for a new solution, our capability-based selection process offers you a tried-and-tested approach to modernizing your digital engineering infrastructure. You don't necessarily need a new solution right away. It might well be the case that your existing systems provides a number of options that have not yet been explored. Our consultants will make you fit for the digital transformation in five steps. We also take account of your individual and industry-specific challenges.

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