Introducing PLM

Is your company already using individual PLM components but lacking an end-to-end PLM solution across all the domains and processes in the product lifecycle and which also incorporates other sites, partners, suppliers and customers? PROSTEP not only provides you with advice when designing your PLM architecture and selecting the appropriate solution components but also helps you introduce and implement PLM, i.e. help you customize and integrate the software in your existing IT environment.

Introducing PLM

Introducing PLM is also, and above all, an organizational task that requires a great deal of project management experience. We here at PROSTEP bring with us the experience gained from countless projects and have developed best practices for agile project management. We assume the role of the project owner, ensure that the requirements of the specialist departments are taken into consideration during implementation, create the operating concept and take measures to make the changes as easy on the users as possible.

Implementing PLM

Implementing PLM also requires in-depth technical knowledge of the system involved. Our experts have the requisite implementation know-how for all leading PLM systems and can therefore provide you with the support you need to adapt the data model, set up a rights management facility and design the workflows. We also specify the interfaces for the best possible integration of the PLM system in your IT landscape.

Agile system rollout

Do want to reap the initial benefits of using PLM as quickly as possible? Our experts work together with you to specify the requirements step by step, prioritize them and implement them in close cooperation with the stakeholders involved. Clear-cut functional and requirements specifications ensure fast implementation and reduce the pressures associated with project organization.

Adaptation of CAx and PLM systems

Do your users need certain features that are not included in the standard software in order to make efficient use of the CAx and PLM systems? We specify and implement the necessary customer-specific adaptations to the data model using our best practices for interlinking article, document and project information.

Best practices for CAx and PLM processes

Would you like to take advantage of the experience gained from other projects when designing your CAx and PLM processes? When it comes to implementation, we make use of tried-and-tested processes and methods. We also specify and implement sensible workflows for automating standardized processes.

Interfaces to ERP and the digital factory

Do you want to use your engineering data to provide the best possible support for downstream production, assembly, commissioning, customer documentation and service processes? Profit from our wealth of experience in harmonizing articles, BOMs and changes between PLM and ERP systems and our solution concepts for the end-to-end use of digital product data in your processes.

  • System installation
  • Rollout
  • Quality assurance
  • Training
  • Project management for agile PLM introduction
  • Requirements management
  • Change and transformation management for specialist departments and companies
  • Data migration