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06 September 2017 in Dresden, Germany

September 2017

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September 2017

21 September 2017 in Graz, Austria

Security Made in Germany
Protection for confidential data

With OpenDXM GlobalX, you profit from the highest possible level of security for professional data exchange in industries with stringent security requirements. These include

  • Personal encryption: The highest level of security and confidentiality is achieved with personal end-to-end encryption. The data is protected by public/private key encryption all the way from the sender to the recipient.
  • Encrypted transmission of encrypted data: Data exchange, both within a company and via the Internet, is performed using a highly secure encrypted HTTPS connection with key lengths of up to 256 bits. And, of course, the data itself is also encrypted.
  • Secure transmission and receipt: Before the data is delivered, the identity of the recipient is checked using state-of-the-art methods. Afterwards, the recipient must send confirmation that the data has been received to the sender in order to gain access to the data.
  • Global data security and data protection: The central OpenDXM GlobalX server at your company manages the encryption of your data. The encrypted data is placed in a data vault and can be stored anywhere in the world. The data alone is therefore worthless as it cannot be read without the key. Another advantage: The fact that the location of the server determines which laws are applicable, and the server is located in a country of your choice.

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Now send even large files securely with Outlook

You can use the OpenDXM GlobalX Outlook integration component to easily send and receive large files comprising multiple gigabytes of data using your familiar Outlook program. The OpenDXM GlobalX Outlook integration component automatically ensures secure delivery of the data.
The OpenDXM GlobalX Outlook integration component is based on OpenDXM GlobalX, the professional and secure managed file transfer solution for any company, department, partner or supplier. With OpenDXM GlobalX, you can exchange any data via the Internet securely, reliably and conveniently – now also using Microsoft® Outlook®.
You can satisfy corporate security guidelines and company-specific compliance requirements and perform comprehensive, audit-proof logging of data exchange operations – using your familiar Outlook program and without any need for special training. Get going right away and let the OpenDXM GlobalX Outlook integration component take care of the rest.
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3D PDF for all: PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D

With 3D PDF, you can optimize your engineering processes and make better use of your product data: improved communication and quality as well as increased productivity are just a few of the benefits. How is this accomplished? With PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D, the professional, server-based solution for generating 3D PDF.
PDF Generator 3D automatically generates 3D PDF files, it can be fully integrated in business processes and enterprise systems (PLM / PDM / ERP and others), it processes data in a reproducible and reliable fashion and includes a comprehensive range of functions for protecting your data. Determine yourself which users are allowed to process your 3D PDF files, and for how long and in what way. The Reader Extension module allows numerous additional functions in Adobe Reader to be activated, and the Rights Management module allows you to manage the access rights for a 3D PDF – even after you have sent it.
And best of all: with Adobe® Reader® Version 9 and higher, anyone can display the 3D PDF files – free of charge. And you don't have to do without 3-D PDF while on the go: the app for iPhones and iPads provides almost all Adobe Reader functions.
PROSTEP's PDF Generator 3D supports the conversion of data from more than 20 different CAD systems into a 3D PDF. With 3D PDF, you create true added value for your company regardless of whether you are involved in the plant engineering, architecture, automotive, consumer goods, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology or shipbuilding industry.
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PDM system rollout and migration

The rollout or migration of a PDM system is always a challenge. What is needed is experienced, competent and active support to ensure that system rollout or migration is performed quickly and that all the relevant aspects are taken into account.
PROSTEP is the ideal vendor-neutral consultant to help you select an appropriate PDM system, and we pay careful attention to your industry- and company-specific processes. With our reliable migration concepts, which are based on well-engineered integration products, we can also help you migrate existing PDM data to the new system smoothly and correctly.
We implement data migration according to your wishes – regardless of whether you want to migrate all the data at once (Big Bang) or perform migration step by step, allowing you to use the old system and the new system in parallel for a certain amount of time.
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